What We Do:
When we started our activities, we were working from one region to another, and through our feedback we found that several schools are not properly equipped to meet the needs of children as far as technology is concerned. Having difficulty transferring knowledge from one generation to another, as a result, children are affected and insufficient time has been given to teach them basic computer skills and codes.

To build intelligence, we have to train our children. We want to continue to create communities in schools in different regions to impart knowledge to children and secure their future. We listened to stories from kids who have never had access to a computer and one can already imagine the excitement in their eyes, at the thought of doing so. Because of such stories, it sparked the beginning of our philanthropy and through our partnerships, we are giving back to the community by a means of building computer labs in schools and creating a community around STEM technologies.
In order to achieve these goals, we are also;
Once we have resources put together, we identify which community needs our services most.

Join the community to give education for children