Many children cannot have a better future. With the contribution of technology to our secular affairs, NoKidBehind Inc is using these technical tools to build a community. There are many things to be grateful for on this planet. For many of us who have access to education and food. We do not think it is a luxury, but many people think it is a luxury. NoKidBehind is identifying schools in the community and creating school technology clubs through their ambassadors, allowing children to use basic computer tools to think smartly.
 After listening to the stories of different children from different regions, we decided to create NoKidBehind Inc platform to connect with children in rural areas and build communities around technology tools to improve them and better prepare for the future.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. – Anonymous

We are also dedicated in building Micro-Tech Communities Around Web Technologies. Once we discover a need in our communities, we work with them to realize what they want in getting a smart future for the kids. When we educated or empower one kid, we empower the FUTURE.

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