Founded in 2012
We use Technology to build Communities

With the advent of Technology, it is but a fact that there are still places that are finding it difficult to transmit knowlegde from one generation to another. Because of these kids have been affected and there has not been enough time allocated to train them in basic computer skills and codes. We found out in most rural areas in Cameroon that passionate kids through out their primary did not have access because of lack of Technology tools and infrastructures that can bridge that learning process.

Nokidbehind is identifying schools in communities and through its Ambassadors and volunteers we create technology clubs in other to train kids in thinking smart using basic computing tools.

Our Mission

Giving access to Technology Education in Rural areas of the country.

Creating tech Communities in the schools where over time can be developed to a full flesh club for ongoing learning.

Access to scholarship opportunities for kids who perform well in our NoKidBehind Technology Education program.

NoKidBehind is giving opportunities for volunteers who wish to make a change by taking on some training hours in schools.

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For most of our projects to run successfully, we are always in need of fascilitators who understand and aggree to our vision of fostering Technology Education in kids in the community. We accept volunteers and with our partner Organisations we are able to allocate them to schools where and communities where we run our programs.

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Tel: +1507 858 7566
Email: info@nokidbehind.org

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Buea, Cameroon

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