Become a Supporting Member of the Nokidbehind Inc!

Nokidbehind is a non-profit platform that provides access to STEM education within the communities and technology-related initiatives 

As a supporting member, your Donation will go a long way. You will have an opportunity to give back to the community and impact kids and technology enthusiasts around the world especially in the Sub Saharan African regions. 

Here are compelling reasons why you should consider becoming a supporting organization or member to a technology-focused non-profit:

Technological Innovation: By being a supporting member your business/organization will be directly involved in building a vibrant tech community and creating impact. This can will bring exposure of your organization and how you are supporting innovations in other parts of the world.  

  • Daily meetups 
  • STEM related Events
  • Bootcamps 

Access to Talent: Engaging with a tech non-profit can provide you access to a pool of skilled individuals, such as programmers, engineers, and designers. You might discover potential employees or collaborators who align with your company’s technological needs.

Research and Development: We conduct research and development on important issues within the tech ecosystems especially in growing tech ecosystems. By supporting these efforts, you can gain insights into emerging startups, in other areas , regulatory changes, and industry best practices.

Education and Workforce Development:  By supporting these initiatives, you contribute to a skilled workforce and potentially identify future talent for your organisation.  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): As a supporting Organization, you will be able to showcase  commitment to social responsibility and community development. It enhances your brand’s reputation and connects with other partnering non profits.

Networking Opportunities: Exposes your organization to potential partners, and collaborators. This can lead to beneficial connections and business growth opportunities.

Problem Solving: You will be tackle pressing global challenges in young people, such as digital inclusion, cybersecurity, and data privacy. By supporting these efforts, your business can contribute to solving critical issues while enhancing its reputation.

Brand Visibility: Associating your Organization/business with our non-profit, increases your visibility within the tech community and among potential customers. This visibility can translate to increased brand recognition and customer engagement.

Fostering Innovation Culture: An Innovation-driven culture will be instilled within your organization. Exposure to diverse tech initiatives encourages your team to think creatively and stay adaptable.

Supporting Partners