No Kid Behind

Using Technology To Keep Building Our communities. #NoKidBehind #InvolveKidsInTechnology

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No Kid Behind is offering trustworthy Technology Education to kids in the communities. Community is stronger because we are building from basics.

For Volunteers who have worked with some Community Schools, you can share your work to the world. Volunteers can create a listing  and Rate schools which they worked with while aspiring volunteers can read and apply to make an experience.

How It Works

Our Mission
We started No Kid Behind with the intention of equipping kids of our community with the skills that will enable them live SMART lives in the future. In order to achieve this, we started with training on information and communication technologies as well as providing equipment and other resources to the community.
Engaging the Community
No Kid Behind activities are focusing on using Technology to leverage education to kids in the rural communities. Parents are not left out as they play a viral rule to encourage their children by in all capacity get a computer at home.
Volunteers in action
Volunteers who come across our platform or who have served in some schools we have worked with are free to leave a review or those who wish to volunteer in handling technology clubs can apply as well.

Featured Schools in the Community Explore some of the best tips from around the world from our partners and friends.