Violence is spiraling out of control in the Cameroon Anglophone Regions after the teachers and lawyers began asking for reforms in the English Educational system and the English Legal system commonly known as the “common law”.

Civilians began to protest and call for a Federal state as it was in 1961 prior to independence of Cameroon. Because of this the Government responded in a very hard manner and military started to violate the rights of civilians who marched freely asking for reforms.

Schools and houses have been burnt and as you read a lot of kids are homeless and many running for survival.

NoKidBehind is joining other NGOs to support the internally displaced in some communities and it is for this reason we decided to add a donation Button particularly for this course on our page.

This money will be used to support families as schools are shut down and roads are blocked. To pay for goods is expensive. with our partners we will channel the funds to remedy the situation in our little way.

Thank you so much for your support.

NoKidBehind Team