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After prior preparations and correspondences with several primary school heads in Shisong, Kumbo, the No Kid Behind Team comprised of two IT experts, Boris and Charles set out to deliver their first end of year IT orientation to pupils of classes 4, 5 and 6 of the Catholic Primary School.
They were received with much fanfare and excitement from the pupils who paid much attention to the tutoring and exchange.
Preliminary drills were captured in the follow questions.
• What these children wanted to become in future?
• Whether they offered ICT/Computer as a subject?
• What knowledge they had acquired so far?
• How this knowledge had helped them?
• How much they wanted to know about computers?
• Etc…
The interaction saw great interest from these pupils who displayed great intellectual capacity through their brilliant responses.
Being the first encounter for this school, discussions centred on measuring the pupils’ exposure to ICT and their readiness to embrace the IT world. Satisfied with the responses from the pupils, the team discussed the importance of IT and its capacity as a problem solving tool. They encouraged the pupils to open their minds towards ICT.
The close to two hours contact came to an end with commitment from the pupils to take their ICT lessons seriously together with other subjects.

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