No Kid Behind  is using Technology to Build Communities and giving volunteers a chance to apply for internship and volunteer placements in the communities.

– Volunteers in turn will review the desired place they want to send an application.
– NKB inturn do a follow up to see that the volunteers got to the right part and are safe.
– NKB does their follow up of travel arrangements
– The said volunteer who have been placed for service is expected to send a weekly report to the NKB organization

1. Add or Claim your NGO

Upload photos, add helpful links to your website or to social media, set an address and hours of operation and other information that you may find relevant.

2. Get Discovered by Volunteers and Visitors

Upon confirmation, your Organisation will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by visitors interested on similar places. You will be able to share to social media your organisation from this platform.

3. Get Discovered by Volunteers and Visitors

Once discovered, Volunteers who have once worked with your organisation will be able to rate you and give you a review.

There is also an opportunity for volunteers around the world who are looking for Organisations to work with. These volunteers may contact you directly from your profile contact form.