We started No Kid Behind in 2012 with the intention of equipping kids of our community with the skills that will enable them live SMART lives in the future. In order to achieve this, we started with training on information and communication technologies as well as providing equipment and other resources to the community.


However, over time we realized we could be of greater help to the community and beyond by using our inherent capabilities – building and managing platforms that connect providers to users. As such, in 2016, we created No Kid Behind to be a platform connecting volunteers from all over the world to most schools in our community.


We connect volunteers to volunteering opportunities with schools in the communities to enhance and keep educating the kids to love more and embrace technology.
We believe making information freely available opens huge opportunities for everyone involved.


Our goal is to open our community schools to the world and give a chance for kids who do not have many benefits of growing in a technology savvy environment. No Kid Behind also open these schools to volunteers interested.


We see a world in which kids are better of because of the assistance provided to them by local NGOs and CBOs with the help of international volunteers.